3 Tips for Handling Persona 5

Persona 5 Confidants.png
Taken from Atlus

Persona 5 is a behemoth of a game. Closing in on 100 hours of game play, there’s a lot you need to tackle in a school year.

(Please note, this article contains spoilers of the game)

Skills, confidant guides, part-time jobs, romance, experience, personas?! Don’t be intimidated: you are fully capable of time-managing the different oddities this game has to offer. Check out my 3 quick tips for maximizing confidants, palace infiltration, studying, and everything in between.

Finish the Palace as soon as possible 

I suggest 1-2 days for infiltrating the palace and secure the route for the treasure, 1 day for experience farming, 1 day for creating the calling card, and 1 day for the final shadow battle. That gives 4-5 days for the actual Thief mission, and do it as early as you possibly can. It’s a sufficient amount of time for getting new personas, money, items, and experience you need, while leaving you an extra 14-18 days on the calendar to watch a movie, go to a bath house, go on a date at Inokashira Park, or hang out with a maid!

Have confidants with the side characters outside of Shujin Academy for their added benefits.

I’m about 40% complete with the game, and side character confidants are just as important as the main characters, if not more beneficial. Try your best to level up with as many characters as you can. There are more perks in Persona 5 with Social Link than any other Persona I’ve played. See below for my personal favorites:

  1. Death – Takemi: Allows you to purchase more healing items for cheap
  2. Moon – Mishima: Allows you to gain more experience in battle
  3. Sun – Yoshida: Allows you to gain more after battles.
  4. Temperance – Kawakami: Allows you to multi-task for efficiency throughout your day

Study at the diner: Always

Going to Shibuya Diner will increase your Knowledge social stat the fastest, especially when it’s raining. It will also allow you to multi-task and level up other skills like Kindness, Guts, and Charm. Also, why would pass up on a plate of Nostalgic Steak?

Persona 5 Nostalgic Steak
Taken from Atlus

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One thought on “3 Tips for Handling Persona 5”

  1. Don’t forget the Fortune confidant! You can use the extra money from the Sun confidant to get social stat and confidant boosts without time passing.


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