Goodbye SoundCloud

As many of you may know, we have been using SoundCloud for quite some time to host our podcasts. Alyssa and I have come to the decision that moving forward, we will not be uploading to SoundCloud. This comes from the fact that we feel our other platforms, namely PodBean and YouTube, provide better value for us in the long run. SoundCloud will still feature our past podcasts in an archive form. So it’s not going away completely.

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Indie Game Development with Benjamin Rivers

Downtime Podcast talks this week with Toronto-based indie game developer, Benjamin Rivers, to talk about being a one-man band and creating an experience.

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New Name, New Home, New Logo?!?

Because who doesn’t love rebranding?!

Originally starting as a personal video game blog, we’ve expanded to have more contributors and reach certain areas. This is why the video game blog is getting a facelift and new name! Downtime

Named after our podcast, it’s a new home for a new beginning. We now have an official YouTube account which will hold all Downtime Podcast episodes, AND a new Twitter!

Triangle C will become my personal YouTube/video game channel and eventually become my own website at the end of the year.

Check out the latest, Episode 45 here at our new name, and don’t forget to subscribe:

An Interview with Anna Kipnis

Ever wanted to know a little bit more about developing games in a small company? Last week, I was privileged to sit down with Double Fine Production’s senior gameplay designer, Anna Kipnis.

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