Top 5 Tekken Games

23 years of Tekken Zaibatsu, and the successful fighting franchise released it’s latest game worldwide last month. Playing through it all, I list my top 5 Tekken games of all time.

Tekken 7 - Cover

5. Tekken 7

The latest game is on the better half of the spectrum with the introduction of Rage Art and slow-motion features to make your battle experience fun. The story is ridiculous as ever, but when is it not? Although the game leave out fan favorites, the loading is slow, and installing takes up all your memory, the game is still enjoyable.


TTT 2 - Cover

4. Tekken Tag Tournament 2

The second version of the ensemble game brings back Jun for the first time in years and many other fan favorites. Two is better than one, and their implemented juggle system between your tag team keeps things interesting.


Tekken 5 - Cover

3. Tekken 5

The last game before they started implementing fancy animations for the PS3 and everything got slower. This had one of the better side games, Tekken: Devil Within. The storylines are the best. This game had the best content outside of the regular arcade. It also has one of my favorite stages of all time, Moonlit Wilderness. Tekken 5 started padding the final boss with ridiculous amount of bullshit. Jinpachi is one of the most difficult bosses I ever dealt with, but the end result defeating him is more than satisfying.


Tekken 3 - Cover

2. Tekken 3

The game that truly started it all. I would argue the franchise took off when Jin was introduced. Tekken 3 had one of the best rosters and variety of fighting styles. It had that crazy old man, Dr. Bosconovitch, who can’t get off the damn ground. It had the little dinosaur that could, Gon. It had a goddamn tree trunk?? Also, who could forget volleyball??? Without this game, Tekken would not be where it is today.


TTT - Cover

1. Tekken Tag Tournament

When you hear that piano intro, you know it’s about to go down. During its time, this was one of the most innovative things in fighting to come out and the game still resonates with the fighting community.  This is the first Tekken game to come out for PS2, with upgraded graphics, gameplay, and all your favorite characters back for battle. Tekken Tag Tournament also contains one of the best soundtracks of all the Tekken games. This game was the perfect upgrade from its predecessor and not only the best Tekken, but one of the best fighting games of all time.


What’s your favorite Tekken game? Weigh in and leave a comment!

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