Paris Games Week 2017: Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker Punch Productions is back, showcasing a new samurai adventure that got people like me officially and successfully hyped for its arrival.

Of all the games Sony showcased, the Ghost of Tsushima trailer resonated with me the most. Many fans have wondered the next direction for the developer, with its last game Infamous: Second Son released in 2014. News came out at E3 2017 while they did not be attend the conference, Sucker Punch is in development of a new IP. The news finally came out, and my god it looks fucking sick!!

Tsushima, Japan, 1274. The trailer begins with beautiful cuts of tall grass, white herons, and hillside scenes of the countryside. The narrator speaks directly about the main character, a samurai, with visual silhouettes of swordsmanship and prayer, preparing for the moment that would change his life. Further in the trailer, the narration changes perspective and is revealed to be an enemy. The Mongol Empire invades Tsushima and burns the local areas down, people tied to the stake and slaughtered. A mongol looks at the protagonist straight into his eyes and asks him a question.

So I ask you once again, samurai. Do you surrender?

Ghost of Tsushima unveils an open-world feudal Japan. The game will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Sony interviewed Sucker Punch’s Nate Fox and Jason Connell, who explain after the Infamous franchise they continued down the line of an open-world environment where the player is in charge.

I’ve played both the Sly Cooper and Infamous series, and I believe in the development and care of this game. From the behind-the-scenes interview with the developer, they appear to be constantly observing trends of open-world video games and thinking of ways to improve the process and experience for the gamer. The trailer to no surprise is graphically gorgeous, but each move seems conscious and true to a unique art direction. Aside from the trailer, there’s no word so far on the storyline.

I obviously have a lot of questions, but the ghost in Ghost of Tsushima may hint at a few things. One, could the main protagonist already be dead throughout the entire game? Two, as the samurai watches his home burn, can the ghosts of his people fuel him in his battle style? The possibilities are endless, and you can bet I’m closely following the news on this game.

Watch the teaser trailer here and let me know your thoughts:

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