TOP 5: Yakuza 0 Karaoke/Disco Songs

The Yakuza 0 OST is one of my favorites with it’s awesome 80s-inspired songs for singing badly and dancing at the club. Here are my top 5!

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Yakuza Minigames #1 – Karaoke

The Yakuza series is known for its plethora of diverse minigames. These minigames are more than distractions from the main storyline. Continue reading Yakuza Minigames #1 – Karaoke

My First E3 Experience

I’m sitting in my hotel bed and reflecting on the most memorable moments of my first attendance at E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo.


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Yakuza 0 and the Omnipresent Dialogue

As a person who enjoys character-driven games, Yakuza 0 definitely satisfies that love. This is my introduction to the series, and the biggest surprise was amount of lengthy dialogue you sit through. It’s both a blessing and a curse (although those opposite sides of the spectrum may be too extreme). It’s both fun and boring.

(Please note, this article contains some spoilers from Chapters 1 – 6)

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