Kingdom Hearts 3 = Due in 2018

It would be an understatement to say Kingdom Hearts (KH) fans are getting antsy for Kingdom Hearts 3. After a measly trailer presented at E3 2017, Disney and Square Enix make their big move at D23 Expo to provide more details and a potential release: 2018. Whether or not you believe it’s the actual date, this reveals the game heading in a great direction of new content and continuing creativity for the series. 

In its trailer, Sora, Goofy, and Donald traverse the Toy Story world, which is revealed to be taken over by Heatless. Later in the video we jump to the gang inside of a toy store for battle. Prior to this, it was revealed in 2015 the game would include a Tangled and Big Hero 6 world. This is incredibly exciting, seeing the Pixar universe incorporated in the KH mix!

It’s taking a long time for our labeled KH3 game to come out (yet we have every fraction between 2 and 3), but at least this franchise is soaking up Disney’s productions for the past 10 years. Expectations are high to deliver a relevant piece, and there’s a lot at stake now to satisfy KH fans. I’m not confident 2018 is a set date (sounds more like 2019 to me), I’m more sure to say we’ll receive an innovative and complete game. Whenever it does.

Thoughts on the latest trailer? Post in the comments!

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