Skyrim Diaries #2: Aurora and the Greybeards

As Philip the Argonian journeys up the mountain, the game gets prettier and the trolls get uglier. I provide a Let’s Play video in the latest entry of the Skyrim Diaries!

Graphics are still wonderful

Every step I take on this journey, I am ever so impressed with the evening skies of aurora. On the ground level it’s a soft, patient green. You climb up the mountain and the skies are as red as the fall leaves. When you’re finally at the top of the windy scene, waves of blue dance around you. I can’t express how gorgeous every view is, even impressive are the inhabited dungeons with striking details of the stones, treasure rooms, and traps. I won’t get over this for a while, if I ever do.

Let’s Play: Skyrim – Up the Mountain

As I document my journey, I decided to do something a bit different and record my journey from Ivarstead to High Hrothgar. The 25-minute video traverses the main path up the mountain, with great scenery and high-leveled trolls to my Level 12 argonian. Clearly, I’m outmatched in a lot of these instances. The trials and tribulations…

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