Game Composing with Curtis Schweitzer

Downtime Podcast sits down with Starbound composer, Curtis Schweitzer, to discuss scoring for games, being a music teacher, and more!

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The Importance of Nintendo Labo

Nintendo releasing Labo this Friday, I discuss the potential of the product, the price of creativity, and the positive future without it.

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New Name, New Home, New Logo?!?

Because who doesn’t love rebranding?!

Originally starting as a personal video game blog, we’ve expanded to have more contributors and reach certain areas. This is why the video game blog is getting a facelift and new name! Downtime

Named after our podcast, it’s a new home for a new beginning. We now have an official YouTube account which will hold all Downtime Podcast episodes, AND a new Twitter!

Triangle C will become my personal YouTube/video game channel and eventually become my own website at the end of the year.

Check out the latest, Episode 45 here at our new name, and don’t forget to subscribe:

Shadow of the Colossus: Top 5 Colossi Battles

After 16 epic and complex bosses in Shadow of the Colossus, I choose my favorite 5.

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