The Importance of Nintendo Labo

Nintendo releasing Labo this Friday, I discuss the potential of the product, the price of creativity, and the positive future without it.

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Switching Over Isn’t Easy

The Nintendo Switch is the newest and hottest console right now. So hot that getting your hands on one might prove more than a challenge. Continue reading Switching Over Isn’t Easy

Pokemon is Go-ing

This past weekend was the 1st anniversary of Pokemon Go, celebrated through a one-day festival in Chicago, Illinois on July 22 for fans all over to capture new legendaries and share their passions for the game. Unfortunately, Pokemon Go Fest was a disaster. Continue reading Pokemon is Go-ing

Breath of the Wild’s Heavily Debated Survival Mechanics

As I watch my friend play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I’m thoroughly enjoying watching him hunt for animals and cook. Little did I know, it’s tedious things like this turning fans away.  Continue reading Breath of the Wild’s Heavily Debated Survival Mechanics