Mount & Blade – Captain Co-Op Mode

Survive as long as possible against waves of enemies by working with your fellow teammates. There are a lot of games that use this concept, especially in the zombie genre. However, I haven’t encountered a game that has this concept with the Medieval genre. I’ll be honest, I haven’t touched the singleplayer for this game. I have only played the multiplayer aspect of this game, and only Captain co-op mode. Why would I play only that mode? Well… it’s actually because of a Criken video. Him playing that game and seeing how much fun that was, made me want to purchase and play the game. I convinced my brother and buddies to buy it. Once we did, I was hooked and addicted. That was actually 5 years ago when that video was posted and my friends and I played the game. I still play it to this day and have captured some screenshots with a little explanation below:

Click on “Multiplayer” above once you log into the menu.


My guy. Richard Phist. Dick for short. He’s as ugly as ugly can be.


Filter the game type by “Captain Co-Op” and you’ll see a server called “Dynamic Squads_v2_9.” It’s got the most players. I love this server for a few reasons.

  • It’s got the highest amount of players for this mode.
  • Maps are large and feature lots of spots for players to fight.
  • Pings low depending on where you are
  • People are generally nice. Generally.
  • You get buffed health, extra gold (to buy weps and armor) when killing enemies, your weapons do slightly better damage, and you can revive players for an unlimited amount of times each round by breaking the cart.
  • Boss battles or escorts occur wherein you must either kill or protect a boss character. Boss characters are escorted by several guards and have buffed stats. Killing them rewards extra gold. Failing to kill or escort results in losing gold. Boss characters can be spotted with a giant red flag above their heads.

Once you join, you pick a faction, pick a troop assignment, pick armor, weapons and men. You spawn in with all these things and it should look a little something like this:


It’s wave based so you fight wave after wave of enemies until you win. On this server, you start from Wave 5 to Veteran Waves to finally, Elite Waves. Matches can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the competency of your team. At the time of writing this article, I just finished a 2 hour session. It’s pretty exhausting.


You command a set of up to 14 troops depending on how many players are on the server. For example, if there are only 3 players, you can have up to 70 troops per player. The more players join, the less troops you have.



So check this game and mode out! It’s a lot of fun especially if you’re into rpg/hack & slash/medieval games.

If you have Mount and Blade with Fire & Sword and you want to play with me, log onto our Discord and give me a shoutout!

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